Done with the Rain, Now Comes the Wind

I learned a valuable lesson last night that I thought I’d share with all of you…

Don’t read about tornadoes before you go to bed… especially when a severe thunderstorm is on the way.  It will keep you up All. Night. Long.

Here at the house we get about 2 TV channels, and they are choppy at best.  No big deal – we don’t spend alot of time watching TV anyways.  We get a newspaper once a week and since I’m home with the kids – the only way I learn of what’s going on in the world is from what Yahoo decides to write about and what other people tell me about.  So last night as I was settling down after a busy night, I came across the Oklahoma stories.  A very unfortunate event and yet a reminder of how powerful Mother Nature really is.  My heart and thoughts go out to these people and their families.

I woke up this morning around 2:00am to the loudest thunder that I can recall ever hearing.  I literally sat straight up in bed.  I knew we add a storm on the way but didn’t expect it to be that bad.  I went upstairs and checked on the boys,  and shut the window I had cracked in the playroom – that’s when I saw outside.  Ooohh Man, it was WINDY!  We live on top of a hill with fields on 3 sides and barns to the backside – needless to say there is NOTHING blocking wind out here.  What you see is what you get.

I crept back downstairs and turned on the front lights and watched Mother Nature in action.  All the trees in the front yard had comeovers – they were all blown clear to the side.  This is bad.  A panic hit me if I should go get the kids.  I thought of the chickens/ducks.  I thought of Blaze.  And then I thought of the articles I read before I went to bed and told myself to calm down and that everything was going to be fine.  Go back to bed, Megan.

And I did.

I got up this morning to find this…

storm 002storm 008

I figured this was the “loud thunder” I heard.  We lost a significant-sized branch from our soft Maple out back.  Luckily it was on the backside of the tree.  The other side would have landed on the house!  We are lucky.  The branch left just enough space for a person to walk between it and our barn.  It did hit a small shed we have knocking the bricks all out of wack – It will most likely need to be torn down due to stability.

Besides that it was just your typical – barn roof shingles are loose, barn door got set off its tracks, flower pots blown all over the place, Blaze’s doghouse was blown over, chicken coop window blown open…

And now the sun is shining.

Looks like we’ve got some work ahead of us cutting up the tree.  It kinda makes me smile though.  I know Matt has griped about getting firewood out of the woods only because we don’t have a reliable means to get it out.  He has to do most of this by hand, bless his heart.  It makes for long days of hard work and I know its frustrating.  And now here we are blessed with firewood at our backdoor… literally.  I always figured God had a sense of humor 🙂

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  1. Yup – God works in mysterious ways! Glad everything turned out okay – except for that shed, I don’t think that brick is repairable! In the meantime, praying for those in harms way of all those tornados – I hear there may be more today and tomorrow.

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