Sunshine Between Rain Clouds

It’s been days and days of rain and cold weather, and today was FINALLY sunny and somewhat decent – I think it hit high 60’s.  Nevertheless, with the sun shining it felt much warmer so we took advantage of the day (more rain coming our way!) and played/worked outside.  It was a nice day to be out – I guess the ticks thought so too because between the 4 of us, we caught 10 ticks (barf!).  As much as I love these little flat blood sucking spider things, I could really do without.  My husband and I both feel they’re going to be bad this year.  Oh well, comes with the territory of where we live.


Matt tilled up the garden again this evening… just enough to clean up some weeds and prep the land for us to re-plant our beets, and possibly our beans and peas… maybe even corn.  With the combination of excessive rainfall + strong clay soil = seeds not looking too good.  On the plus side, we might actually get some broccoli this year!  The last few years we have tried and it usually got warm too quick and they would flower not yielding very much at all!  It was good but almost didn’t seem worth it, ya know?  Our asparagus has taken off!  Whoo!  I think we had 5 sprout up.  And after thinking we lost our strawberry patch to the frost and cold weathers, we looked and found 1/2 our patch was up and looking good with small buds forming.

Speaking of small buds – I have to show you what my boys got me for Mother’s Day…. PEACH TREES!!

Peach Trees

Peach Bud
Peach Bud

We picked them up from Rural King, and to be honest, I was very impressed with their fruit tree selection.  They had EVERYTHING you could think of: pears, apples, peaches, apricots, cherries, plums.  I told Matt if the boys got me fruit trees for the next 4yrs, I’d have all the fruit I would need 🙂  But they have some peaches budding out already so I’m hoping the trees do well.  Then in a few years, we’ll celebrate with peach cobbler, oh man!


Chickens and Ducks seem to be doing well.  Getting big.  Chickens still aren’t sleeping on roost which kinda bothers me but maybe they’re still too young.  I picked one up the other day and set her on there and she sat there for a few minutes and then hopped down.  Just need one to start the trend and they’ll all follow.  The chicks even got to leave the run today!  They didn’t go far.  They were probably out for 30 minutes and then got back in the run.  I tried to bribe the ducks to come out with a kiddie pool but naw – they were relaxing under the coop.  I even went in and “captured” one and brought it out.  She swam in the pool and if Tucker, our 3yr old, wasn’t there quacking at him and sticking his face in its face, I’m guessing he would have stayed out.  But nope, he went back to the run.  It was funny though, haha – Tuck just gets so excited over them ducks!

After we got cleaned up, I made 3 batches of muffins.  Mainly as something for Matt to eat for breakfast on his way to work, but the boys were very eager to sample them.  The first two batches were Chocolate Chip Pumpkin muffins – ones that were ‘requested’ by Matt for me to make him.  I used pumpkin from our garden last year and followed the recipe found here.  I strongly recommend – they are very tasty.  The only changes I made was that I only had to cook mine 12minutes.  The third and final batch was for Cinnamon Rhubarb muffins.  I found this recipe here on Pinterest.  I have yet to try these but, oh my, do they look delicious!  (After sampling 3 pumpkin ones I had to cut myself off, hehe)  Again, the rhubarb was from our harvest last year and I substituted the sour cream for yogurt and went a little heavy on the cinnamon sugar… I mean come on!  Do you blame me?

Well that about sums up our day.  I hear tomorrow is supossed to be nice with rain after that for the next few days.  I still need to get out and weed my flower garden…. maybe tomorrow!

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