Movin’ On Up!

Yesterday was a day of solid productivity… and today is showing to be similar.  It feels good to be getting things done!  I started yesterday morning off by picking rhubarb- I couldn’t believe how big they were already!  Good thing I bought some strawberries cause some strawberry-rhubarb muffins are sounding very very good right about now.  In addition to that, I managed to get a new batch of laundry detergent made up!  I’ve been making our own laundry soap for about 2yrs now and I absolutely love it!  It smells good, works great, and is cheap!  Can’t beat it 🙂  In the past I’ve made liquid detergents, but this time around I chose to go powder.  I’ve been having troubles with my containers leaking and quite frankly – I’m over that.  Going the powder route also takes up less space; instead of 10 gallon jugs everywhere – I have 1 container.  Could this be an attempt to get more organized???  You betcha!


And with such a busy day brought a busy night as I finished up the last few things on the coop which leads me up to the great migration – Operation Poultry Outside = SUCCESS!!  But in all honesty, I have to take a few minutes here to thank my husband who really had no desire to do this, but did it for me.  And baby – you did great!  I appreciate all your hard work.  I know it has been rough working all day, enduring the long drive home to work on a chicken coop but I am ever so grateful for all that you have done for me.  I’m so happy with the way it turned out.  I love you so much.  And as you always say… “not bad for a computer guy”  🙂

So without further ado…  the coop!

Since it has been raining off and on, I plan to paint the outside of the coop later on this summer.  The inside was painted a light blue to help brighten it up in there.  It also served a purpose for some paint we had that was mixed wrong 🙂  Interior: we have pine shavings on the floor and PDZ on the poop board with a branch for the roost.  The nesting box is on the opposite wall shown in the picture and still needs to be put in.  I also have part of an old wooden ladder that I was going to use somewhere – either in the coop or run, I haven’t decided yet.


The run is about 32 feet long – that’s including the space under the coop.  We currently have a makeshift ramp with carpet on it until we can get to town to get a board to make a more stable… or “nicer looking” one.  We also still have to put the duck coop in here, too.  Another job that is in the works.  Regardless, they seem excited to be outside.

Now I have to hang up their feeder and clean out their brooders… ugh – A job I’m definitely NOT looking forward to.  But on the brightside we have carrots and 22 tomato plants to plant!  With highs in the 80’s today and sunny – I think it’s going to be another good day.  Hope you have one, too!



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