Playing Catch-Up

With Mother Nature slowing down our coop building, we more or less took the last week “off”.  I use “off” in quotations because it seems as if when the expected gets put on hold, the unexpected happens.  And unexpected it was…

So with the last week being practically non-stop rain, our basement decides to leak water.  We’re not talking a little trickle here and there – I’m talking a gallon a minute.  I guess to say it was gushing would be more accurate.  Thankfully it was doing a good job of staying somewhat contained in one corner of the basement.  But to add a little bit more help, Matt rigged up some tubing and made a channel from the leak to the sump pump.  With fans going, the mess is just about cleaned up now.  For a place we never hardly use, it sure is getting alot of attention this past month!

Last Friday Matt worked from home because he was flooded in.  All the roads surrounding us were flooded over.  He made it to the highway finally but it was flooded further down the road.  Everything has pretty much returned to normal now, except for puddles in our garden.  Today is cool but sunny so we’re hoping to get the fencing and maybe the windows done on the coop.  We’re so close to being done its almost annoying.

coop 001

And I think they are ready to get outside as well.  They are growing so big.  It’s kind of neat watching them grow up.  I’m about 100% sure one of the ducks is female because she is LOUD!  Oh my, can she quack with the best of them.  The other two squeak right now.  I’m wondering if that means they are male, or maybe they just haven’t got their quack yet?  I guess time will tell.  Been looking for the drake feather but I’m sure that won’t appear til a couple more weeks.

coop 006 coop 003

Our home is old and has floor vents that lead straight down to the basement – so every peep those chickens and ducks make can be heard here upstairs.  There’s been a few times that I’m up at 2am with quacking and chirping carrying on.  When I go down there to see whats going on they’re all quiet.  Like they’re up to something.  I feel like I have gone from 2 kids to 13 kids.

And I’m alright with that.


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