Coop Drama

Well Easter weekend turned out to be as productive as it was unproductive.  Confused?  I’ll explain…  All last week, a stomach bug decided to wreck havoc on both of the boys, as well as myself.  My husband, thankfully, did not get sick.  While we were all curled up on couches and floors inside the house – he was outside hard at work on the chicken coop, yay!

Matt built a platform that the coop will sit on top of.  This way it’s off the ground so predators cannot dig in, and it also will allow for some shade for the chickens late in the day.

And now the fun begins!  A special thanks to our good friend, and farmer, Rob for helping out with this one.  We couldn’t have done this without him.  Him and Matt strapped that lil’ shed down and they picked it up and carried it up the road.  Miraculously, it stayed in tact the whole way!  I couldn’t believe it…

But then, it soon turned to this…

coop 023

Long story short – the platform is too close to the barn.  The roof of the shed is hitting the barn roof making it unable to slide over to fit fully on the platform.  So let the thinking begin…  After what seems like an hour, the next move was made.  Not sure if it was the right move, or just the desire to see some demolition but regardless – it was done… to rip the roof off!

So with the problem area off to the side, the remaining walls can be set up on the platform and the rest will fall into place.  That’s the plan anyways.  After all of this, I guess anything can happen.  Here’s hoping for the best…

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