Harvest Log Printable

Every year around this time, I spend hours searching the internet for Harvest Logs to help me record my garden.  If you’re like me, I like spreadsheets and the act of ‘recording data’.  I’m interested to see if things, like my garden, are improving or deteriorating from year to year.  And every year, I’m disappointed because I can never find what I’m looking for.  So, I made one myself and thought I’d  share it with all of you.

This particular set includes 5 different sheets: Harvest Conditions, Garden Planning, Plant List, Canned Harvest Log, and Freezer Harvest Log.  I have thought of including a sheet for seed starts as well but probably will start on that sometime later.

HARVEST CONDITIONS:  Has a place to record that season’s last and first frost dates, as well as the total monthly amounts of rainfall and high/low temperatures.  A section for notes is located at the bottom.

GARDEN PLANNING:  A place to plan out the shape of your garden and plot where to place your plants.

PLANT LIST:  This sheet comes in handy for me each year since I can never remember how many of each plant we bought the year before.  It allows you to record the plant, plant type, quantity, where you purchased each plant, cost, date planted, location of planting (for those of you with multiple gardens), date of harvest, and pest/problems.  As you can see, this particular form holds ALOT of information that may be useful when planning your garden each year.

CANNED/FREEZER HARVEST LOG:  A sheet to record total amounts of harvested foods.

Please note that these forms are being offered to you as a free download to be used ONLY as personal use.  (All sheets are together in one, 5-page PDF file.)

I hope these forms help you become more of an organized gardener as they do me!  Please feel free to send feedback – I’d love to hear what you think and how they helped you, or even comments of improvements.   Enjoy and Happy Gardening!!

Click Here to Download Harvest Log Printables

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