Chirp Chirp Chirp


Can you guess what’s in the boxes…  *HINT*  It’s not diapers…


Horray!  The little furry fluff balls have made their arrival!  With what seems to be a ‘winter snow storm’ on the way, I thought to myself  “what better way to prepare yourself than by getting your chicks and ducks?”  Made sense at the time.  Or maybe its more like, ‘Snow is coming – I gotta go get ’em before its too late!’  eh, tomāto/tomäto.

I ended up getting 4 Rhode Island Reds pullets, 2 Barred Rocks pullets, and 3 Pekin Ducks (Straight Run).  I was kind of disappointed about the ducks cause I really wanted Khaki Campbells but both Rural King and TSC were out.  So I settled with Pekins, which are noisy little things.  Hopefully I lucked out with no drakes!  Time will tell.


When I brought them home, the boys were eating lunch.  I placed the boxes on the floor and they came over when they heard them.  Matt opened them up and they went nuts, haha.  Our oldest, Tucker (3yr), started quacking at them and our youngest, Ollie (1yr), threw a fit cause we wouldn’t let him squish hold them.  We had ducks for a short while once before and Tucker took quite a shine to them.  That’s one of the reasons I wanted to have them again.  Plus I think they’re funny.

IMG_20130324_130953Bringing these little fluffs home has kinda been a nice ‘uplift’ around here.  I blame the weather mostly.  Snow in Spring just doesn’t mix well.  I think everyone is ready to get outside and feel that sunshine on their skin… not thru the window.  I bought some flower seeds and now I’m wondering when I’m ever gonna be able to plant them.  Tomorrow we place the order for our water softener – makes my stomach hurt just thinking of the amount of money its going to cost, ugh!  Better just bite the bullet and get a good one… especially being on lovely well water.  Mmmm nice red water, yummy!

But after that’s all said and done, we can move on to other things like spring work plans (AKA: To Do List)  I don’t see this year being too bad with jobs that need done around the house.  Yes, they seem bad: Fix barn, work upstairs, tear down barn, add room on…  But its more like weekend jobs here and there.  And in the realm of hunting – things are settling down for Horsehead Calls as we wind down to the website’s launch.  We’re all really excited for it  Just to watch someone’s dream come true is … well words can’t really describe.  It just puts a smile on your face. 🙂

Let me know what brings a smile to your face, cause come tomorrow I’m gonna need it! hehe.  Everybody be safe traveling tomorrow!


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