We’ve been snake bitten!

A few days ago, Matt went downstairs to our more so ‘glorified crawlspace’ to put salt in the softener to find that BOTH our sump pump AND water softener were out of commission.  I guess water was everywhere.  Not the greatest of ways to start your weekend off.  How do you cheer yourself up after realizing how much money we’re about to spend??  For me, I make chicken waterers…


Not exactly what you were expecting was it?  It’s the little things that make me smile.  And smile I did this morning.  Matt called me on his way to work and told me of a radio ad he heard for a local feed mill’s chick days.  I gave them a call and turns out they’re having a better deal than both TSC and Rural King so it looks like my plans may be changing (…again!)  Their chick days ends on Friday so if we decided to go that route, it’ll be here quick!  I’ll leave you in suspense about the “deal” they’re having…

But for now, we’ll continue to fix up our mess here.  Sump pump fixed – softener yet to go.  Times like these can make your days a little stressful and more tiresome.  If you need a feel good song for the day – I recommend Luke Bryan’s ‘Pray About Everything”.  Everytime I hear it, I just smile so big and find myself thinking – yup, you’re right.  Just one of those feel good songs that manages to take a little weight off.  Listen to it and let me know what you think!



  1. So…your “city living’ don’t know nothing bout farm livin sister” needs some further explanation of what the chicken wateres are. Looks like 2 milk jugs. I’m missing something!

    • haha – think of it as a water bowl (with reservoir tank) for chickens. There’s holes punched in the bottom of the jugs so as the chickens drink out of the tray – water will continue to keep the tray full until the jug is empty. Make sense? I’ll give a demonstration when you and Dean come out!

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