Talking Ducks and Chickens

Well with the weather in the 50’s today, I finally got a chance to get working on some things outside.  It’s a swampy muddy mess out there but it feels good to be outside.  Been planning out the chicken and duck areas more thoroughly and have made some changes.  The more I thought about it, I decided I didn’t really like the idea of having the ducks inside the barn – so I’m moving them out to be side-by-side with the chickens.  This way, all my girls can be together and it won’t be such a hassle when it comes to feeding and checking up on them.  I also made a change on the coop design.  Instead of using bits of a 12×12 shed that we have, I’m using this small shed here….


It’s best if you either tilt your head, or just imagine it standing right side up.  The last wind storm we had blew the sucker right over!  Shortly after I took this picture, Matt got his Uncle and his boy to come down and flip it back over.  Now the next big task is moving it the 300 yards to our house.  I’ve been having alot of fun the past two days searching Pinterest and Backyardchickens for ideas on the coop interior.  Being my first coop – I want to make sure I find out as much as I can.  I think after its all said and done – it might be easier to take away something than to add it later.

On the duck side of things, I started putting together the ol’ duck hut.  I’m using old pallets that we have.  And to my surprise, I found some insulation and siding in the barn that I plan on using on it as well.  I have one wall done and two more 1/2 way there.

The big ticket item remaining is the fencing, which I’m having a little debate about.  I’ve read that chicken wire is pretty much, for a lack of better terms, useless.  I heard hardware cloth is the way to go.  Sounds good, looks good – but its so Dang Expensive!  Especially when your run is 40ft long! (split between ducks and chickens)  I also read welded wire is a good alternative but worry that the mesh/holes are too big.  Since the ladies will be locked up at night, I’m thinking I’ll be alright going the welded wire route.  Regardless of what I choose – all vents and openings on their coop/hut will be covered using hardware cloth.  Has anyone else used welded wire for their run?  I’d love to hear your experiences – good or bad.  All opinions greatly appreciated.

All this just makes me so anxious to bring home my gals.  ETA is in approx. 2 more weeks.  I can’t wait!


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