Get It Together!

You ever have that moment in your life when you realize that you’re running out of time to get what you need to get done… done?  And when you make this sudden realization, all you can really do is yell…. “CRAP!

Yup, I’m there.

Spring is slowly creeping in and as much as I’m ready for her, I’m not.  I tried to catch up on some “homestead duties” a few days ago since the weather has been in our favor.  I started to prune the apple trees and then finished planning out where my ducks and chickens are going.

Been calling around and plan on getting our chicks at either TSC or Rural King.  Rural King will get their chicks next week, and TSC will get theirs at the end of the month.  I’d like to get 2 Khaki Campbell ducks, 6 Rhode Island Reds, and maybe some broilers if they aren’t too much.  For the duck pen, I’m looking to use some old pallets we have stacked in the barn.  They will free range during the day so this pen is more of a safe haven at night.  We have raccoons, mink, coyote, skunks, foxes, snakes, hawks, and even a cougar roaming around here so we gotta lock ’em up tight!  For the chickens, there is a 12×12′ shed at the far eastside of our property that I want to dismantle and move up to the house, converting it into our chicken coop/run.

I hope to get out there and start working on these projects, if my allergies aren’t acting up too bad.  I went looking for antler sheds in the woods the other day (didn’t find any) and when I came home, it was like I got kicked in the face…. but with allergies.  No fun.  Picked up some medicine last night so we’ll see how it does.


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