Meet the Crew

…and by crew I mean our critters.
We currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats – all of which help make up our family.

This is Zoey.  She is the first dog my husband and I got together.  The story of how we got her is kinda sweet/funny (depending on who’s telling it).  When she was a few weeks old, she was found under my in-law’s porch. Before I even saw her, I was begging my husband, Matt, if we could keep it.  We ended up bringing her home but honestly didn’t expect her to make it thru the night.  She was bloated and covered in fleas.  We kept putting our hand on her to see if she was still breathing.  Come 5yrs later – she is a healthy constant blur of energy!  (wound a few notches too tight!)  She loves to play fetch with basketballs and be in the water.


This is Blaze, or Autumn Dashing Blaze as it states on her certificate.  She’s our (more so Matt’s) field certified hunting dog.  She is a 4yr old Llewellin Setter.  Her story of coming to us is more of a blessing.  For as long as I’ve known Matt, he’s wanted a hunting dog to call his own.  Unfortunately at our first house, we felt we didn’t have enough room to keep one.  And once we moved out here, well if you own one or have ever looked into owning one, then you know they can be rather pricey.  We kept looking around.  Then a guy Matt knows (who breeds hunting dogs) offered us Blaze…for free!  Said we could have her in exchange for a pup if we ever decide to breed her.  We were a bit skeptical at first since she was 4yrs old and set in her ways, but what did we have to lose?  It’s been about 2months now and she is a remarkable dog.  Loving, and hard worker.  Friends and family talk highly of her hunting skills and call back frequently to set up more hunting trips, ha!  I think Matt is proud to have her as his hunting dog!

Spook and Asher are our barn cats.  After our last cat was hit by a car, I picked these brothers up off an online ad for free kittens.  For 3month old house kittens turned barn cats, they are more than we hoped for.  We’ve had a significant decrease in mice in the traps and house which is always a plus!  They are more like dogs really – they will follow us around the property, into the woods, down the road on walks with the boys, and sit with Matt while he cuts firewood.  They are not feral at all, in fact they are very affectionate and loud purrers.

These are the first of many, I’m sure.  With chickens and ducks on the way, and hopes of goats, rabbits and maybe a cow – our family will continue to grow and grow.

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  1. Love your crew! I am very allergic to cats but cannot imagine life without a dog! You are lucky to have both cats and dogs. Such a nice fur family you have!

    • Thanks Linda! I’ve NEVER been a cat person…EVER! Was always crazy about dogs. We got the cats for mice and you know what… I may have grown a little fond of them haha. Spook has since run off, but we still have Asher and he is the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. Loves his belly rubbed of all things 🙂

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